Saturday, January 26, 2008

Why choose accounting as my profession?

Why did I choose to take accounting degree? Why do I want to pursue ACCA in the future after I start working?

My FORM 3 Government exam result was not so good. So, I had to study art stream rather than science stream. However, I have a chence to transfer to science stream but I choose not to because I did not really like science subjects. I am more interested in business subjects like commercial studies, accounting and economics. In addition, I like numbers too. Because of my choice, I was the top 1 students in my class during my FORM four and five studies. In addition, I scored quite well for my GCE O'Level results and I further my study in FORM six. My GCE A'level result was also quite well.

I chose to study accounting in UTAR. At first, I thought of taking economics as I am also very interested in this subject. But, at the time I fill in the application form, there was no economics degree to choose. Hence, I chose accounting at the end. However, when I started my study in UTAR, I just realised that UTAR does offer an economic degree. Never mind. Since I have chosen accounting, why not continue?

With an accounting degree, it is not difficult to find jobs. This is because every company requires accountants. Foreignt countries especially China like to employ our Malaysian accountants. Accountants will have a bright future. A number of successful entrepreneurs are from accounting background. A very good example is Tony Fernandes, the AirAsia's CEO. He is an ACCA member as well. This is another reason why I did not give up in accounting. I also hope that I can be a successful entrepreneur in the future.

I will now work as an audit assistant in BDO, a top 5 accounting firm in Malaysia. We can learn alot of things when we are working as auditor in accounting firm. Hence, graduates are advised to go to auditng field first before working in commercial world. Some partners in top accountin firm have mentioned before that 3 years in accounting firm is similar to working around five years in commercial industries.

I never regret that I chose accounting as my profession. I will work hard and smart as well to fulfill my dream as a successful entrepreneur. I have to be determined and cannot easily give up when facing problems and difficulties. Wish that I will be success. I will work step by step to this difficult route to success.


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Parris Moretti said...

I admire your determination! Loving your profession can lead you to success. You said you want to become an entrepreneur, and I think you have the traits to become one. Good luck!

Darcy Grubaugh said...

I can see the clear path of success and happiness for you. The key to keep your pace up is never give up, and overcome all the trials that will come your way. The world of accountancy is sometimes rough, but you’ll find the light once you follow the path of excellence. I’m wish you the best of luck! =)

Ava Venson said...

Being an accountant is so much easier said than done. You have to be accurate all the time, as you’re dealing with big and important digit, but, what’s important is that you are very passionate about your profession, and I’m sure that, that alone will help you achieve your goals. =)

Leslie Lim said...

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